ESS Electronic Hospital System - Patient registration

  • This is a simple hospital system, with quick registration directly with the patient.

ESS works even if the network or server database is down and has automatic synchronization when everything seems normal.

  • Easy download and installation on iPad and iPhone.
  • The screens automatically adjust to the screen's portrait / landscape size and can be enlarged / reduced normally with two fingers. '
  • Can be installed for offline use. Local database and a user. Unlimited number of patients. Backup must be done yourself.
  • Can be installed as online / multi-user system with shared database on the web (backend DB)

In the ESS, all vital patient data can be recorded for different departments such as anesthesia, biological, intensive, post-operative, awakening.

  • Select the number of minutes / hours for the next registration Provides alarm when registration is required.
  • Provides alarm when the alarm level / score is exceeded. Eg NEWS score / ESS score Diagrams show the patient's development over time.
  • All patient data can be printed in reports or displayed on screen. It is easy to add new procedures for patient registration.
  • Easy to record procedures performed on patients. The procedures are presented chronologically in the report and can be used as documentation and documentation for invoicing.
  • Medicine can be prescribed by a doctor Nurse records when the patient receives his prescribed medication.


Multiple security levels:

  • Only numbers are transferred between equipment and database.
  • In practice, encrypted since no numbers are identifiable and therefore useless if someone were to capture data transfers.
  • VPN can also be installed
  • GPS ensures that ESS only works within the specified range from the hospital's GPS location.
  • Only administrator can install online installations and connect to network database.